Why are there no Uninats in 2020?


Hello everyone,

there won’t be a Uninats in 2020 because there will be a Unicon instead!

Unicon 20 will be the world championship instead of the national championship. I expect there will be 2-3 thousand riders, and it will still be just as friendly and as busy as Uninats was in October 2019.

It will be happening in France in the foothills of the Alps, basically in the last 2 weeks of July.

Have a look here

This is a big commitment, however it is simply fun, lots of fun, french food, wine, laughs, and you will see things being done with unicycles that you will never see elsewhere.

If it’s your kind of thing you will be able to compete in anything you want to; I’m sure that a number of Australian hockey teams will be set up.

It’s also the best place to get cool unicycling T shirts as well!!

This unicycle convention is NOT being run by Unicycle ACT (honestly!) but I am aiming to tempt those who want to ride or simply go, (and instil fear among those who might be asked to pay…)

If you want to know more, ask anyone who has been to a Unicon before, somewhere else in the world.

0410 949994


Grenoble, France

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