term three has started!


Hello Everybody,

Everything is back in action again, and this term will now continue until 15 October 2019.

This term will be busy! On 27 August there is another hockey tournament at Queanbeyan , and on 4-7 October, we will be running the national unicycling championships in Canberra and Queanbeyan for the first time in six years!

This is on top of our normal Wednesday evening sessions, which start at 7pm at Calwell High school gym.

Sunday hockey sessions normally start at 3pm at Q-One indoor sports centre in Queanbeyan.

The cost of the Sunday sessions will have to increase a little because the number of riders does not quite cover the cost of hall hire.

Please check the changed fees below,and also note that we are now using a new bank account.

Can you please pay club fees for term three 2019!

TERM FEES (12 weeks)

Wednesday 7:00-8:30 pm Adult $60, u18 $40

Wednesday AND Sunday hockey $150, u18 $90

Sunday only (2 hours) Adult $100, u18 $90

In a family where at least one adult is paying a term fee, membership for a 2nd child under 18 is free

Borrowing a club unicycle costs $20 per term


The 1st session is free. $10 for a Wednesday session, $13 for a Sunday session (both adults and children)

The club aims to stay afloat but is not out to make a profit. The fees cover hall hire, equipment maintenance and insurance. When funds allow, we purchase new equipment for members to use. If you are expecting to attend regularly our preference is for electronic payment.

Wherever possible Subscription Fees should be deposited directly via electronic transfer into:
Account Name: ACT Unicycle
BSB: 325185
Account Number: 03739987
Please include sufficient details to identify your payment.

We can accept cash if needed

Thank you,

0410 949994


Calwell high school, Canberra

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